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BIC Ljubljana

Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana (BIC Ljubljana) is a public educational institution with a rich history spanning over 160 years. Comprising four units, namely the General Upper Secondary School and Veterinary Technician School, School of Food Processing, Vocational College, and Intercompany Training Centre, BIC Ljubljana stands as one of the leading vocational institutions in central Slovenia.

Specializing in areas such as veterinary nursing, food processing, nutrition, baking and pastry confectionery, natural sciences, nature protection, hospitality, and tourism, the center places a strong emphasis on practical training for all its students. This practical training is conducted in optimal environments under the guidance of experienced mentors. To further enhance the learning experience, BIC Ljubljana boasts several facilities, including a School veterinary clinic, School pastry and bakery workshops, a school shop selling related products, a School tourist agency, Teashop Primula, a school restaurant, coffee shop, and even a microbrewery.

BIC Ljubljana has a wealth of experience in international collaboration, gained through previous projects co-financed by the European Union. Notably, it was among the first schools in Slovenia to hold the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter (ERAPLUS-VET-MOB-CERT, AKR-VET-6/15), and the accreditation for the new project period from 2021-2027 has been successfully secured for both vocational education and vocational college levels.

In recognition of its commitment to innovation and excellence in vocational education, BIC Ljubljana was honored with the VET Excellence Award in 2020, particularly in the category of VET innovative practices. Furthermore, in the same year, the center received recognition for its outstanding achievements in the field of education within the Republic of Slovenia.

The Envirasmus Team

Boštjan Ozimek [Project Coordinator]
Experienced coordinator in EU funded projects for over 15 years. Has implemented K1 and K2 projects in the development and internalisation of BIC Ljubljana. Quality manager and self-evaluation expert.

Polonca Korez [Project Office]
Engaged in various European projects where BIC Ljubljana takes the lead or participates as a partner. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, specializing in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. With a background in the private sector, she brings over 15 years of experience as an International Project Manager, specializing in managing Customer Experience international projects for various industries across the globe.
Her expertise extends to European projects, where she has taken on roles as a project leader, mentor, and external evaluator, primarily within the Youth and Youth Mobility sectors, including Erasmus+.

Mojca Strgar [Expert]
A teacher at BIC Ljubljana is a master of Molecular and functional biology and a master of Biology Education (both from Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana). During her ongoing professional development she contributed to different publications, projects and activities connected with topics in nature preservation, biology and sustainability. She is also qualified to work with children and adolescents with learning insufficiencies and emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Project contact person:
Polonca Korez

Drottning Blanka’s Upper Secondary Schools

We are 30 upper secondary schools across the South of Sweden and to the North of Stockholm, with appr. 11 000 learners and 900 employees. Our first school was established in Varberg, Sweden, 1996 and we belong to AcadeMedia, the largest private education company in Northern Europe. We offer the following study programmes: Social & behavioural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Economics and Arts programme. In Vocational Education and Training (VET) we offer the following programmes: Hospitality, Child & Recreation, Health & Social Care, Energy & Electricity, Sales & Services, Hair & Make up Styling and Hairdressing. Independent of programme we always aim to promote the personal, local & global commitment with our learners and staff. You can read more about how we do that here. Erasmus+ and our engagement in international projects are a very important part in our educations because it is a way to provide opportunities and together create a better future.

The Swedish Envirasmus Team

Anna-Karin Berg
Erasmus+ Consortium Coordinator and Internationalisation strategist
Drottning Blanka Upper Secondary Schools

Anna-Karin has more than 15 years of experience in international projects in education; from eTwinning to Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 to Horizon. She started out as a language teacher and it was in the classroom with the pupils that her drive for international collaborations as a means to meet learners’ needs was born.

Petter  Brobacke
Director of Education Development
AcadeMedia AB


Founded at national level in 1986 , CIOFS-FP ETS is a non-profit foundation that deals with vocational training and the labour market. It originates in the second half of the 19th century, when John Bosco signed the first apprenticeship contract in the history of Italy, thus addressing the urgent need for the social and cultural promotion of young women.

CIOFS-FP operates in 11 Italian Regions through its Local Boards with about 60 Operative Centres, engaging more than 900 trainers. It is active in VET, guidance, skills certification, social inclusion, employability promotion and job integration as well as equal opportunities through the implementation of educational activities and research, workshops, cross-border trade, development and implementation of projects and services. CIOFS-FP is also strongly engaged in designing and developing ICT tools to improve its training offers, and to facilitate the job placement of Youth and disadvantaged people, both within EU projects and in its daily activities.

The Envirasmus Team

Tiziana Piacentini
Since 2001 in CIOFS-FP ETS, at the beginning as consultant project manager. Currently, she is responsible for the Internationalization area. Psychologist and expert in the planning and implementation of education and vocational pathways for individuals and groups of young people and adults. Consultant for the Municipality of Rome with duties concerning the coordination, monitoring and assessment of the Urban Territorial Plan for the promotion of children and adolescents’ rights and opportunities. Project coordinator for the fight and prevention against early school leaving and for the social inclusion of disadvantaged people.

Flavia Spizzichino
Graduated in political sciences and applied economy with a master in European and international affairs. Over a decade of experience in Social Research, and Development and Project Management in the framework of international programmes (EASI and Erasmus+). Specialised in VET staff’s competencies, lifelong learning and career guidance. Over 6 years experiences in the conception and organization of events and training activities on the topics of entrepreneurship, professional development and social innovation.

Project Contact person:
Tiziana Piacentini

CMA Pays de la Loire

The Pays de la Loire Chamber of Trades is a consular chamber that provides support and assistance for the development of apprentices and craft businesses. It defends the interests of the craft industry with the public authorities and offers services adapted to the needs of craft businesses in the region. The Chamber also plays a role in the management of vocational training centers in each department in a wide variety of sectors. It contributes to professional integration through lifelong training and offers training leading to qualifications and technical modules.It is a key player in the craft industry and in international mobility. Over the past 10 years, it has enabled almost 4,000 people to undertake international mobility projects. It is committed to developing international mobility and cooperation projects as a means of enhancing the skills of learners, staff, organizations and regions. The aim is to increase the quantity, diversity and quality of European and international cooperation and mobility projects, in order to help strengthen skills and career paths and facilitate professional integration.

CMA Pays de la Loire is involved in a number of international cooperation projects (as part of the Erasmus + KA2 programme) to develop new skills, tools and practices linked to mobility and apprenticeship, as well as working with partners outside Europe to develop and strengthen vocational training in their countries.

The Envirasmus Team

Mediterráneo Erasmus International Center (MEIC)

Mediterráneo Erasmus International Center (MEIC) is a Spanish SME with a clear international vocation, reflected in our focus on international programmes, and our efforts to constantly engage with the latest policies at a European and international level. We believe that internationalisation is a means for us to further research, improve the quality of education,and support students and staff.
MEIC is an agency for transnational mobility and a host institution that promotes the design and implementation of initiatives funded in the field of European policies for development, innovation, training, research, and territorial cooperation. We encourage transnational cooperation and the mobility of students and teachers in different areas, including health, environment, renewable technologies, and HORECA sectors. In MEIC we welcome staff, teachers, and students from all over Europe offering them different services:
– Monitoring and tutoring: we welcome all our participants on arrival , organising a first meeting introduction, covering aspects such as work placement rules, at the school premises.
– Internships: we provide all necessary support to fulfil any training agreement, or document that might be required.
– Job shadowing and professional visits.
– Professional Courses: we provide different courses of 1 or 2 weeks duration or customised activities.
– Certificates and Europass: language course certificate / Mediterráneo International certificate / Work placement certificate.
– Spanish and English language courses.
– Accommodation: Spanish hosting families, or fully equipped and comfortable flats shared with other youngsters. For teachers and school staff we book hotels/apartments.
– Transport and transfer: transport & transfer from/to airport.
– Cultural activities: visit to the City of Arts and Sciences, Bike tour & boat trip, City tour and many more!

We believe that participating in international projects is a great opportunity for all members of our organisation. These exchanges represent professional and personal growth for our staff, and it offers us new opportunities to improve our educational system through the sharing of knowledge and good practices. MEIC counts with a team of 5 people working full time for the organisation, plus a number of students that do their internships with us. Every year we welcome at least 2 students (administration, marketing, business…) to help us in the management of our activities. Moreover, we are in permanent contact with a VET centre from Valencia, Spain (Mediterraneo Culinary Center) with more than 200 students and 15 staff members. We manage their involvement in international projects, both cooperation and mobility projects.

Team involved in the project:

    • María Laguna, Director
      With a Bachelor’s in Communication, is a journalist with over 25 years of experience in corporate and institutional communication, expert in digital marketing. She is in charge of the team, responsible for the design of new projects, and for the creation of synergies between different sectors: education, sustainability, inclusion and diversity. She establishes and keeps the relations with international partners. She is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish. Email: internationalprojects@mediterraneoculinary.com
    • Nieves Verdejo, International Coordinator
      With a bachelor’s degree in International Business and fluent in English and Spanish, she has more than 5 years of experience in managing European projects. She has been responsible for KA2 projects as project coordinator, and she has participated in other European programmes such as H2020 and COSME besides Erasmus + KA2 and KA1. Email: internationalmanager@mediterraneoculinary.com
    • Esther Illueca, International Project Manager
      With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and a Master’s Degree in International and European Studies, she has experience in the management and implementation of Erasmus KA2 and Horizon Europe projects and is in charge, with the rest of the team, of looking for new opportunities related to transnational cooperation. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Email: europa@mediterraneoculinary.com


Our team of specialized consultants in European project management has been working together since 2013. We began during the transition from the Lifelong Learning Program to Erasmus+, and since then we’ve been listening to proposals, meeting people, generating ideas, building projects.
Today, we support dozens of VET schools, educational centers, and institutes in their participation and organization of Erasmus+ KA1 VET mobilities for learners and staff. These include job shadowing, professional development courses for staff, traineeships, and long-term placements (ErasmusPro). Our extensive European network guarantees the highest Erasmus+ quality standards during the mobility abroad.
Our offices in Italy are also dedicated to welcoming young people and adults from other European countries who wish to spend their mobility experience in Italy. Our staff’s expertise and wide network of families, accommodation facilities, companies, schools and training centers guarantee a complete and personalized mobility experience tailored to individual learning objectives and personal motivations.
We are actively engaged in several international cooperation projects under Erasmus+ KA2.
In the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 2 we work on cooperation projects at European level, including Partnerships for Cooperation, Partnerships for Excellence and Innovation.
Our team is composed of a group of professionals with complementary skills, including a digital team completely dedicated to European Projects.
Our aim is to expand our collaborative efforts with other European nations, sharing our expertise, knowledge, and capabilities to encourage mutual cooperation and collaboration. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that an ever-increasing number of people have access to the valuable opportunities offered by Erasmus+.

The Envirasmus Team
Claudia Paolelli, International Project Manager and Stefano Andaloro, IT manager.

Project Contact person:
Claudia Paolelli