5 facts about Spain

  • Timetables in Spain are quite different than in the rest of Europe. We usually have lunch at 2pm and dinner at 9pm. Therefore, because of this, many shops are open till 9pm.
  • Spain is the leader in the organ donations ranking for more than 28 consecutive years.
  • Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language.
  • We are very fond of bars, in fact, it is the country with the highest number of bars per capita.
  • Spain was occupied for 800 years by Arab troops. That is why our culture is very diverse and rich, and we have traditions of Muslim origin.

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36 Fun facts about Spain

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Sustainable facts about Spain

  • There are thirty natural spaces in Spain certified with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.
  • Spain also has what is known as ‘puntos limpios’, some of which are really just a small truck or van that is parked by the street and where you can bring certain products that cannot go into the normal waste bins.
  • The ecotourism market is growing 14.3% a year. Spain is one of the countries that is attracting many sustainable tourists.
  • Spain has a brilliant public transport infrastructure making it easy to get around and help the environment.
  • In Spain, 70 million acres of its land is protected which means they are working extremely hard to protect their natural environment.
  • In Spain, you can rent a bike or a scooter in many cities.

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Spain average carbon footprint/ person 2022-2023

What can you do to keep your visit in Spain sustainable?

Sustainable transport

In Spain’s biggest cities, it is possible to book a bicycle rental service. Many of these cities are equipped so that transport in this way is safe and comfortable for users. If you are going to stay longer in the city, you can buy a second hand bike.

There are also bus and train services in Spain that can get you around the country for a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can always use the BlablaCar car-sharing service or you can use the Avlo train service (a low cost high speed train).

Energy & Water consumption

Turn off the lights in rooms you are not in and make the most of Spain’s natural light – it is one of the countries with the most hours of sunshine!

During the summer, avoid washing up with hot water.

In Spain, water is drinkable, so you can carry your own reusable bottle and refill it at a fountain when you are thirsty.

Spain is one of the most water-stressed countries with 75% of its territory at risk of desertification. So, TURN OFF THE TAP when you’re not using!


You don’t have to go far to recycle. Every street or neighborhood has at least five different garbage bins in five different colors. You need to know the about the color-codes in order to put your trash in the correct color recycling bin:
Blue: The blue garbage bin is for paper and cardboard.
Green: The green bin (or green igloo) is for glass bottles and jars in all shapes, colors and sizes. It’s best to recycle glass jars without their lids.
Yellow: The yellow bin is for plastic water bottles, plastic cleaning product bottles, plastic bags, juice cartons, yoghurt containers, plastic or metal caps and tin cans.
Brown: The brown bin is for organic waste, like coffee grounds, eggshells, corks, used napkins and pizza boxes with stains.
Grey: The grey bin is for the rest of your waste, like diapers, ceramic shards and hygienic wipes