Envirasmus 2nd Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of the ENVIRASMUS newsletter! We are excited to share updates and developments we have achieved in past months

Our project emphasizes that students and staff traveling abroad should prioritize sustainable choices. From local transportation to dietary preferences and activity selection, we encourage making environmentally conscious decisions during international visits.

Impact Measurement Update

We used questionnaires and evaluations before, during, and after mobility experiences to assess our project’s impact. Initial findings in July 2023 shaped ongoing data collection. The second report, due January 2024, promises further insights and will be then reviewed in consortium third transnational meeting.

Website launch

Explore sustainable living info, European Green Deal, Paris Agreement details, and more at envirasmus.eu

To support parties taking part in international exchanges the information about the opportunities for sustainable living in different countries are offered. Explore opportunities for sustainable living in various countries, including recycling tips, tap water availability, and sustainable facts about Italy, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, and France.  Check it out!                                       .                                               

Pre-mobility workshop

Pre-Mobility Workshop: As part of the ENVIRASMUS project, our main goal is to educate students on environmental protection and sustainable practices during international mobility. We offer a customized workshop for both students and staff, designed to be completed before departure.

Downloadable in six languages here it aims to stimulate discussions and raise awareness about climate-smart choices. Join us in promoting sustainability!

Differences between countries

The project is also expected to make students more aware of any differences between at least five countries of origin of project partners and the country they are visiting, and how our choices affect not only the environment but also social and economic sustainability.

European Skills week webinar

Swedish project partners, Drottning Blankas Gymnasieskola and Academedia, hosted an insightful webinar on green skills.

From the webinar: “We must act responsibly when sending and receiving that many learners and staff to/from other countries. With #envirasmus we are promoting a sustainable life style during mobility…and beyond”.

If you missed our Envirasmus webinar during #EuropeanVocationalSkillsWeek catch a concise version here.

Stay connected with ENVIRASMUS

To facilitate effective communication and resource sharing, we are developing an ENVIRASMUS app.  Set to launch in spring 2024, this app will enhance communication and resource sharing during your trip. Use it to find shops selling organic food, locate the nearest bicycle hire, and access a wealth of materials designed to raise awareness about the impact of individual carbon footprints, motivating positive environmental change. Stay tuned for an eco-friendly adventure!

Project Partnership

BIC Ljubljana leads a consortium of esteemed partner organizations from different countries, including:

  • Mediterráneo Culinary Center (Spain)
  • Lula Consulting (Italy)
  • CIOFS-FP (Italy)
  • CMA Pays de la Loire (France)
  • Drottning Blankas Gymnasieskola (Sweden)

Through collaborative efforts, we aim to foster a holistic approach to environmental sustainability in vocational training and international mobility.

Yours in sustainability,