ENVIRASMUS 3rd Newsletter

Welcome to the third edition of the ENVIRASMUS newsletter! We are excited to share updates and developments we have achieved in past months

Our project emphasizes that students and staff traveling abroad should prioritize sustainable choices. From local transportation to dietary preferences and activity selection, we encourage making environmentally conscious decisions during international visits.

Impact Measurement Update

To assess our project’s impact, we utilized questionnaires and evaluations before, during, and after mobility experiences. Initial findings in July 2023 shaped ongoing data collection and the second report released in January 2024 gave further insights that were reviewed at consortium third transnational meeting.  Based on the findings we made slight modifications to both questionnaires. For example, we began collecting information about sustainable fashion lifestyle choices.

Digital app launch – very soon

To facilitate effective communication and resource sharing, we developed the ENVIRASMUS app. Everything is ready, and it’s just a matter of time before it becomes available in app stores. With this app, you will be able to calculate your eco-friendliness easily and access information about the countries of all project partners: Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, and Sweden. The app’s map feature will highlight sustainable choices for shopping, dining, transportation, and more in various cities within these countries.

Stay connected with ENVIRASMUS

Explore sustainable living info and more at envirasmus.eu

The project was also introduced at various international events, including Global Learning Day in March 2024 and the AcadeMedia Partnership Conference – Envirasmus Workshop in April 2024.

Yours in sustainability,