Welcome to the first edition of the ENVIRASMUS newsletter!

We are excited to share updates and developments from our new Erasmus+ cooperation project focused on promoting sustainable development and green mobility in vocational training. ENVIRASMUS aims to address the pressing question of limiting the environmental impact of international mobility, and we are dedicated to developing solutions that empower learners to make environmentally conscious choices.

Kick-Off Meeting and Project Overview

In the beginning of January 2023, BIC Ljubljana hosted the kick-off meeting for the ENVIRASMUS project. this international initiative, part of the Green Erasmus+ program, places a strong emphasis on implementing environmentally friendly practices and fostering sustainable development. ENVIRASMUS seeks to develop and raise awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards climate change and sustainable development, while supporting integrated institutional approaches to education for environmental sustainability.

Empowering Learners for Environmental Sustainability

Within the ENVIRASMUS project, our primary goal is to inform and educate all students participating in international mobility about the importance of environmental protection and active approaches to sustainability. We aim to inspire learners to integrate activities that align with the Green Erasmus+ and environmental sustainability objectives into their daily lives. To measure the impact of our project activities, we will employ questionnaires and evaluations before, during, and after mobility experiences.

Project Partnership
BIC Ljubljana leads a consortium of esteemed partner organizations from different countries, including:
• Mediterráneo Culinary Center (Spain)
• Lula Consulting and CIOFS-FP (Italy)
• CMA Pays de la Loire (France)
• Drottning Blankas Gymnasieskola (Sweden)
Through collaborative efforts, we aim to foster a holistic approach to environmental sustainability in vocational training and international mobility.

Project Goals

Aligned with the EU Council’s proposal for learning for environmental sustainability, the ENVIRASMUS project recognizes the urgency of addressing the climate emergency and planetary crisis. We firmly believe that education and training play a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges. Our goals include:
• Empowering learners of all ages to actively participate in ENVIRASMUS activities, gaining a deeper understanding of their individual environmental impact.
• Equipping learners with tools, guidance, and support to make environmentally friendly changes in their daily activities.
• Standardizing information on sustainable development for Erasmus VET participants.
• Encouraging participants to apply examples of good environmental and consumer practices to their daily lives.

Stay Connected with ENVIRASMUS

To facilitate effective communication and resource sharing, we are developing an ENVIRASMUS platform and app. These digital platforms will host interactive workshops, supportive tools, and a wealth of materials designed to raise awareness about the impact of individual carbon footprints and motivate positive environmental change.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey together and look forward to creating a sustainable future through education, training, and collaboration. Stay tuned for our next newsletter, which will feature updates on our progress and success stories from our dedicated learners.

Yours in sustainability,


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